Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin

...died yesterday of heart failure. He was 71. According to a release by Rolling Stone magazine, "[o]ver the course of his career, Carlin released 23 comedy albums, appeared on 14 HBO specials and won four Grammys for Best Spoken Word Comedy Album." Raised a Catholic, Carlin was known to provide commentary on the faith of his childhood. Some of these commentaries were more astute than others. He once mused about the changes in laws of fasting and abstinence in the 1960s, and lamented the prospect that "there are people in Hell still doing time for the meat rap." Carlin was also famous in the early 1970s for a routine where he disclosed the "seven dirty words" you are not supposed to use on the airwaves. The routine illustrated in this video clip, which philosophizes on the merits of baseball versus football, in the fashion that was uniquely his own, does not use any of them.

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