Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Russert Revisited

In its "Washington Whispers" blog, US News & World Report says it is "starting the bandwagon" to fill the empty chair at NBC's Meet The Press, once held by the late Tim Russert, with none other than his 22-year-old son, Luke. They cite his composure at the passing of his father, particularly as displayed in an interview Monday with Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Show. With all due respect to this young man and his handling of this tragedy, I would consider this to be very ill-advised. Tim Russert brought his wealth of experience to the table on the Sunday morning talk show; his son brings his father's name. Proponents will cite the young Russert's success on XM Radio's 60/20 sports show, which he hosts with James Carville. Obviously he can make it on his own merits. Why not give him that chance?

Both men deserve better than to have their family legacy cheapened by nepotism. That's what we call it in real life. Growing up in South Buffalo would have taught a man such things. I don't know if they teach those lessons at the exclusive Saint Alban's School, but they sure as hell don't on K Street.

One more reason for a few Beltway insiders to miss the man. They still don't get it.

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