Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Plug This: DarwinCatholic

Our "Plug This" series is devoted to lesser-known figures in the Catholic blogosphere. You know, the ones which the mainstream Catholic print media avoids while obsessing over the same two or three every chance they get. The subject of this installment has been known and respected at "Saint Blog's Parish" since their inauguration in January 2005.


Where Religion, Philosophy and Demographics Meet

We all have moments like this. We want to read a blog, but cannot decide between enlightened and insightful social/political commentary through a Catholic lens, and one of those "mommy blogs" composed by the next generation of Erma Bombecks with adorable pictures of little kids messing up the house. Fortunately, a Texan couple known to most as "Mr and Mrs Darwin" (I know their real names, but I'm not tellin' -- nyahh!) fill the empty void as only they can. I know it sounds too good to be true. After all, who has time to pontificate on lofty matters of the world when your kids are approaching middle school and can't make their own beds? (Hey, I forgot to do it this morning myself, but that's another story...) But I ask you, who could resist this adorable five-month-old, secure in the knowledge that by Halloween, he'll discover how to walk and grab tablecloths and start pulling until everything on it falls down?

The Darwins also host an online educational resource known as The Humanities Program, featuring "...two courses in Western history, literature and culture designed by and for homeschoolers." It is supplemented by its own Humanities Program Blog. In addition, Darwin has branched out into other areas of blogdom, as a contributing writer of the everlasting polemic known as The American Catholic.

Not only that, but this blog has been listed among the "highly evolved" on their blogroll. Such discriminating taste bears notice. That, and this writer has enjoyed their frequent correspondence over the years.

Astute observations on politics and economics, musings the state of Catholicism in America, reviews of books for the discriminating reader, the tribulations of renovating a house with the kids still living in it -- all are waiting at DarwinCatholic, where it is said that "most philosophies that frown on reproduction don't survive."

You'd think that would be obvious to most people, wouldn't you?


Darwin said...

Thanks for the plug, David.

I like to think that like obscure single malt scotches, we are an example of the principle that one does not have to be enjoyed (or even known about) by everyone to be worth enjoying. :-)

And MrsDarwin could never let a fellow Cinci expat down.

mrsdarwin said...

Hey! I know that face!

Good of you to to give us a shout out. It's an adult counterbalance to all the shouting that normally goes on around here.