Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Minute Theatre: Hamlet

Our recent pilot episode of “One Minute Theatre” was an enormous hit. We received two responses, one of them bold enough to use the comments box. With that kind of ground swell of support, we looked for a suitable edition of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in one minute. Now, there are a lot of claimants to the title out there. Most of what we found ran between two and three minutes, which tends to lose the idea of it being only one minute. Then we found one that was one minute long, but it was a line of students in identical tee-shirts taking turns with significant lines from the play. That was just retarded.

Thank goodness we found a one-minute production that actually ran for one minute. Not only that, but this allowed time for a little bonus, with the same production running in reverse. We were advised of possible satanic references in the latter, sort of like playing the Beatles' "Sgt Pepper" album backwards. I know a lot of you kids out there missed out on the opportunity that your parents are too tightly wound to admit they did in college. So pass the bong and enjoy!

And be back here next Wednesday at lunchtime, when we try to top this. (whew!)

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