Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Morning Quarterback

Here at Chez Alexandre, we obviously don't get to watch the round of Sunday morning talk shows like we used to. We're too busy with things like assisting at Mass ad majorem Dei gloriam. Although we here at mwbh appear to be very tech-savvy, we refused to be enslaved by the whole thing, and so have heretofore passed on such pedestrian conveniences as Tivo. Hey, if it's not up on YouTube or Hulu by the next morning, it obviously wasn't worth it. Let someone else do our dirty work.

There has been much made of Rush Limbaugh lately. It is usually dangerous for the reporter to become part of the story, but the Big Guy obviously couldn't resist the vigilant masses of Dittoheads at CPAC this year. So now we get to hear about him for the next few weeks. Even former Vice President came out of the bunker long enough to comment on a possible slugfest between the Rushmeister and the Obamessiah: "Hell, I'd pay to see that."

Meanwhile, over on the Fox News Channel, all the cool kids are going bonkers over Glenn Beck, that wild and crazy pundit guy, whose show is already "bigger than O'Reilly." Shepard Smith (the guy they have to keep now that they scared Alan Colmes away) can hardly contain himself. You can tell this is so, when a guy starts lapsing out of his News Guy speech mode and into his Southern drawl (Holly Springs, Mississippi, and alma mater Ole Miss, to be exact). Dan Rather would never let himself sink so low. But we forgive Shep. He's young, he's wet behind the ears, he'll calm down soon enough.

Hell, I'd pay to see that.

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Dad29 said...

The entire Limbaugh speech was played on Friday afternoon.

The guy IS very entertaining. While one can find a few phrases here and there which were inflammatory, in context they were insignificant.

And, of course, insofar as he's a 'spoken word' guy, the inflections are very important--and they don't come across at all in a transcript-reading.