Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Surrender Dorothy

Sal and I found ourselves settling temporarily in a small town in Kansas, in the middle of nowhere. It would only be for a few days.

Before Sal went with me to Ohio, she was convinced that the American midsection was rather backward, not unlike leaving her home just outside Metro Manila for "the provinces." Her experience of America, however, was until then limited to the East and West Coasts. She was surprised to learn differently. But visiting a ghost town in the prairie lands surprised both of us. To see nothing but empty fields for miles, to see a sky bigger than one had ever seen, is something you remember if you've never seen it before, or don't see it often enough. The weather-beaten houses looked deserted, one after the other. We knew people actually lived here, but we couldn't find them. I ventured out of the house where we were staying, to look for a gas station, police station, saloon -- anyplace where the lights were on and there were signs of life. I thought I saw something as I turned the corner...

Then I woke up.

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