Monday, March 09, 2009

Turning Over

At the bottom of the sidebar to the right of this page, there is a counter identified as a "SiteMeter." Sometime in the last twenty-four hours, it passed the 100,000 mark. The device was introduced to this weblog on June 21, 2006, the fourth anniversary of mwbh. So in just under three years, have averaged just over one hundred visitors per day. This is consistent with the weekly reports sent to me by this service. Some weeks I get over two hundred. During the summer I get about sixty or seventy.

At its highest, the readership here is a pittance in terms of volume. This journal is, of course, meant for the discriminating reader, one who wants more than the usual yakkity-yak. To honor this event, Wikipedia has a fascinating presentation on the history of the odometer, a device that has been with us for longer than you might imagine. This is the kind of informative reading that brings our devoted readers -- and you both know who you are -- coming back for more.

That's how we roll here at man with black hat.

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mrsdarwin said...

Congratulations, David! Many happy returns!