Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I Stream, Ustream, We All Stream For ...

UPDATE, THE MORNING AFTER: Although the live coverage has ended, hitting the "play" button on the ustream clip will provide a slideshow of election results from around the country.

Tonight, we're going to try something never attempted here at man with black hat. Beginning at 10:00 PM Eastern USA Daylight Time (2:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time), we are going to provide live video coverage of the election results, through the courtesy of an online-only broadcast of the PBS NewsHour, featuring political columnists Mark Shields and David Brooks.

On one hand, PBS would not have been my first choice. On the other hand, there is nothing else of this sort available as this goes to press, and besides, I had an internship at a public television station in West Virginia back in 1977. Call me sentimental.

Viewing requires registration at Ustream. Go there, take care of that, and then sign in. We also feature the "social stream" from Twitter, all the would-be pundits you could possibly stand (including some who "don't know much about history"). Anybody wanna chat? We've got that too.

(If any of you yokels have a better idea than PBS, e-mail me privately, and we'll see what we can do in 2012.)

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