Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Lost Diocese

Dear Person Who Read My Other Post:

Hey, there, thanks for stopping by.

There was a great deal of interest generated by the piece entitled “Santo Subito!” which briefly touched on recent tragedy in Baghdad. The account of the little five-year old boy named Adam has obviously touched many hearts. Indeed, the entire episode should be of concern to all Catholics, especially the Syriac Catholic community, which includes Syriac Catholics living in the United States.

That's why I'm looking for their bishop.

A visit to the closest thing to a website, for the Diocese of Our Lady of Deliverance of Newark (New Jersey), listed a number in that city that is disconnected. I called the office of the Roman Archdiocese of Newark (also in New Jersey), and they gave me a number in Bayonne (Bayonne???). The voice mail picked up, with the name of a man with (no offense) a rather thick accent, whose name I therefore could not discern.

Then the nice lady at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops called me back, with a third number, one with a secretary. She told me it would ring a lot, and then the voice mail would probably pick up anyway. Well, I called, and it did. I'm pretty sure it was the same guy. Not the bishop, mind you, just some other guy.

Honest, people. All I want is an e-mail address. Then I can send the link, and you can get back to figuring out whether a yutz like me who can bring this much attention to your plight, is of any use to you.

You know where to find me. Right here.

Very truly yours,

David L Alexander


N. Trandem said...

My Roman contacts say that the Syriacs don't go through the Congregation of Causes, so they've already (or soon will) declared Adam and the rest of the victims to be Martyrs. Promoting devotion to his cultus in the Roman Church, however, would still be a very noble goal. I hope you're able to get in contact with the Syriacs!

Catholic Defender said...

I am also promoting this devotion to St.Adam of Baghdad and to those martyrs in Iraq for the sake of Christ.

Martyrs of the Church, pray for us!
St. Adam of Baghdad, pray for us.