Saturday, November 06, 2010

My Extra Hour

... of Daylight Saving Time was spent with dinner and dancing. Here's "Sal" waiting for the music to begin.

Personally, I don't care much for the concept. Time is supposed to be based on something in the cosmos, not wishful thinking. We'd all like more daylight, but we can't all move to the North Pole for the summer, can we? Besides, getting more daylight was supposed to save energy. That was before somebody discovered that air conditioners use more energy than light bulbs. Nice try, folks. Just have everybody get up an hour earlier already.

I pick her up
    at eight,
She ain't never late,
The dance floor
    is great,
And I can't wait.

Tonight, we'll set the clocks back one hour. It's not hard to forget. Between the cable box, the computer, the satellite radio, and the smartphone, most of the clocks will reset themselves anyway. Meanwhile, we spent a few hours at The Salsa Room just on the main drag near my place.

“That’s where we meet.”

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