Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Next Car?

My 2005 Scion XB has served me well. Historically, I run a car into the ground. I was thinking of another tactic this time. It's coming up on 65,000 miles. Maybe I could use it for a trade-in before there are any problems. The level of technology on the 2011 models -- okay, the extra gadgets -- is making the idea harder to pass up.

Here is one that I've been thinking about. Dornob shows this latest design from Christian Susana, a "modular motorhome hybrid camper car caravan combo." It's just the thing you need when you want to take your house with you to a destination, but don't want to lug it with you when you head into town. The two-seater car is great for short trips, and the shelter is inspired by the VW Microbus, as well as the classic Airstream trailers. This puppy is the perfect model for retirement.

Too bad it's not in production.

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