Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Plug This: Cheeky Pink Girl

Our “Plug This” series on the occasional Tuesday, is devoted to lesser-known figures in the Catholic blogosphere. You know, the ones which the mainstream Catholic print media misses while obsessing over the same two or three every chance they get.

When we talk about the "mommy blog" phenomenon, they generally prescribe to the usual formula; college graduate, married to the great love of her life, several children running loose in the house, all being homeschooled, under the watchful eye of a more-or-less detached observer of Church and culture, who dispenses occasional advice on the domestic arts.

Then there's Charlotte, who from her vantage point in southeastern Wisconsin, won't pretend to fool anybody.

This blog does not exist for me to glorify God or show the world what a joyful Catholic mommy I am. Quite the opposite. I'm blogging to try and empty my overactive brain of everything that annoys the crap out of me or that makes me wonder and think too much. Despite this stance, I'm still your fellow Catholic, so deal with it.

Charlotte doesn't homeschool her children, and doesn't mind telling you why. She also doesn't mind the disapproval of the other jumper-clad mommies, concerning her sartorial judgment, in the would-be Catholic ghetto to which she is drawn. Since Cheeky Pink Girl began in August of 2008, she now draws roughly three thousand visitors per month (a little less than mwbh). Her audience doesn't seem to mind being a rather select one. She obviously has something to say.

On her "Blog Role" are others with something to say, including this one, which is how many others find us here.

We can deal with that.

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