Thursday, November 04, 2010

Rage Against The Machinists

So, you're a union man, right? And in tough times like these, when management wants to make cutbacks to try and save the company, they are obviously bluffing, right? Right. So, you want your union leaders to come to the rescue in their shiny black limousines, and tell those fat cats, no dice, we know you're just looking for an excuse to squeeze us even more.

And then ...

[A]fter workers represented by the International Association of Machinists voted down a contract offer for the second time, they learned that their employer was not bluffing about moving their jobs to Mississippi.

Hey, wait a minute, how can this be? All those years spent learning union chants out of The Pete Seeger Songbook, and we're not united against The Man??? WELL! Let's back up a little. Just how cozy has union/worker relations been lately?

First, the union boss scolded his members for sharing information with their co-workers about what was going on behind closed doors at the bargaining table. Then, a couple of weeks ago, some individual(s) beat up the union boss.

Ah, but there's good news at the end of the rainbow for our bitch-slapped union boss. He still has a job, and you don't ... SUCKA!!!

(Thanks, RedState, for that piece of entertainment.)

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the Egyptian said...

Ain't life a bitch.
BTW you were going to forward some info on mass servers to me, kinda like ta get started.

Thanks, good to see ya