Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday Mornings Elsewhere

You may remember this video from early this year, when the Archies over at Creative Minority Report posted it. The video was produced by North Point Media. It's a parody of those so-called "emerging churches." You know, the kind of "church for people who hate going to church." It's entertaining, it's enlightening, it's a warm fuzzy sort of thing. It only misses the one thing Christ actually told us to do under those circumstances: “Do this in memory of Me.”

Ricky Vines of Divine Ripples found this one over the weekend.

In this clip with over three million hits, Tamara Lowe does her little motivational rap at Christ Fellowship from last February. It's entertaining, it's enlightening, it's downright clever. Other than that ...

For a Catholic, there is little if anything with which to take issue here. It is less a case of what is here, than with what is not.

“Panem caelestem accipiam, et nomen Domini invocabo.”

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