Saturday, February 12, 2011

Concerning Al Jazeera

“If I had to choose between government without newspapers, and newspapers without government, I wouldn't hesitate to choose the latter.” -- Thomas Jefferson

We here at mwbh are well aware of certain claims against the Al Jazeera network, of inciting "anti-Americanism" in other parts of the world over the years. Such charges are, in at least a few cases, a matter of some conjecture. Our recommendation of this network, as a source for what has transpired of late in the Middle East, is based solely upon their ability to report the news there, with a quality and integrity that exceeds most other outlets, including certain American cable news channels. Loyalty to one's country must not be confused with the endorsement of either the ideologies or policies of those who hold public office, thus to criticize the latter is not to betray the former, as Jefferson (himself excoriated by the press in his day) was quick to maintain.

We would bring to the readership's attention, that the studios of Al Jazeera, located in an office building here in Washington DC, must be identified in the lobby under a pseudonym, as a safeguard against reprisals. Such violence is not a remedy to the challenges that face us, nor would it rest easy with those who pledged their lives to establish this Republic. We would also be remiss, were we not to remind those who work in that location, that even in the face of such precautions, they enjoy a freedom of association and movement that is unknown in their network's country of origin, Qatar, where non-Muslims are subject to unbearable scrutiny. (We have received personal testimony to this effect, shared with us at considerable length.)

The love of America as a people, and as a nation, as well as the outrage over the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, at the behest of Islamic extremists, are indisputable and unwavering in this forum. man with black hat stands behind its position, in providing information on the issues of the day, including that which is the subject of this notice.

Saint Adam of Baghdad, pray for us.

God bless America.

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