Monday, February 07, 2011

Destiny and Detroit

Now that we are caught up on our publishing schedule here at mwbh, a few things are coming out of the woodwork, like the famous YouTube “Ad Blitz” gallery of Super Bowl commercials. For some reason, it wasn't easy to find until after the game. Click on the title to see the whole collection. (Now, I ask you, isn't that a sight to see?) In addition, Slate is getting into the act, with a quarter-by-quarter analysis of the entire run, entitled “The Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads.”

We may comment on any of them as the week goes by, and if we're in the mood, but there is one in particular ...

I only visited Detroit once. I was visiting a friend there in the late 1990s. They lived north of the city proper. Going from the airport, up the main drag to their location, was to gaze upon endless city blocks punctuated with boarded up storefronts. One can only imagine the feeling of how, for better or worse, this is home, that the current situation will not change that. What can be said or done to tell a city, yes, it is going to get better?

This ad from Chrysler was the subject of an NBC News segment this evening, and has received over 1.2 million hits on YouTube to date. Featuring recording artist Eminem, it provides a glimmer of hope to those who could use it.

“This is the Motor City. This is what we do.”

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