Friday, February 11, 2011

FAMW: Baile de Manos Revisited

Does everybody remember these two kids? Irish stepdancers Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding created an internet sensation last year, when their twiddling-thumbs-while-awaiting-competition exercise went viral on YouTube, and was the subject of one of our Whimsies last October. We can now announce with confidence that they are officially overexposed, having appeared lately in a McDonald's commercial for overpriced lattes.

The result is, frankly, a rather poor example of whatever particular talent won them their fifteen minutes to begin with. So unless you've seen the viral vid before, you have to wonder what the Golden Arch guys were thinking. Come to think of it, you probably still would. But just the thought that, once again, a pop culture trend can be so easily overdone, is the point of this week's Friday Afternoon Moment of Whimsy.

Not exactly "Lord of the Dance," huh, guys?

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