Friday, February 25, 2011

FAMW: My Mitt Romney Moment

It could be a while before the Republicans come up with a viable challenger to the incumbent President, when he's up for re-election next year. No matter where the discussion begins, no matter which rising star is mentioned, sooner or later they do what they did the last time, and go for the guy who would offend the least number of people. They call this "the big tent." It didn't work in 2008, but brace yourselves, kids, we just know it will for 2012.

Which brings us to the only Republican who could ever be elected governor in the state of Massachusetts, that country-club Republican reincarnation of Nelson Rockefeller himself, Mitt Romney.

"He looks like a guy who will offer an alternative to your structured settlement."

"He looks like the professor who didn't heed the warning on the mummy's tomb."

"He looks like the scientist who warns of an asteroid about to hit Earth."

"He looks like the guy who puts on a wig and pretends to be a woman so he can get on a lifeboat."

Ann Coulter thinks that Chris Christie should run for president, even though he has said repeatedly that he would not. According to her, if he doesn't, the Republicans will be "forced" to go with Romney, who will end up losing.

Now, how could that possibly happen? While we consider the lesson that should have been learned in the previous election, by people who couldn't see the answer if it ran over them with a truck, let's have a little fun at this guy's expense, for this week's Friday Afternoon Moment of Whimsy.

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