Monday, April 25, 2011

Dude, we missed Earth Day!

Yeah, we did. It was last Friday, but we were too busy worshipping the Creator, as opposed to the Creation. That's how we roll here at mwbh. Meanwhile ...

It has been reported that, in order for the rest of the world to have the same standard of living as the United States, it would require the natural resources of at least six planet Earths. We read that there's a sci-fi film coming out about a parallel earth that shows up out of nowhere, and judging from the trailer, that sounds complicated enough, never mind having five more showing up behind it. It's something to think about while we're paying through the nose for a tank of gas.

And we can think about this too. In 1981, this writer payed $12.50 for filling the tank with about ten gallons. Now, that comes to $1.25 per gallon. Consider the prospect of eventually paying $4.00 per gallon (which would be, uh, right about now). Adjusted for the consumer price index (CPI), paying $1.25 back then is like paying $3.07 now. And when you also factor improvements in gas mileage over thirty years, the REAL cost of a tank of gas for the average American hasn't risen that much -- yet.

Yes, we must all learn to get by with less, but it does not require draconian methods. Nor does it require listening to the loser who is the subject of this video. For more about him, and other cake-eaters like him, click here.

Or consider an alternative by corporate takeover whiz and all-around rich dude T Boone Pickens. Whatever.

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