Monday, April 04, 2011

“I read the news today, oh boy ...”

Our long-ago-semi-regular feature is now back, if only semi-regularly on Mondays, with facts that are stranger than fiction, from the wires of the Associated Press (reproduced here without permission or shame), and other sources as noted.

  Welcome to the town of Lost Springs, Wyoming, where the population is ... well, according to the 2000 Census, one. By the 2010 Census, a more accurate count was made, to a total of four. The state highway department says it will correct signs at the edge(s) of town to reflect this. (Wow, you and the Missus decide to leave town with Junior for a few weeks, and this is what happens.)

  Speaking of Wyoming, grocery stores are shutting down all over the prairie and western states, even in remote areas. Elsewhere in Wyoming is the (not so isolated) city of Rawlings (or "Rawlins" depending on who you ask), where Irene and Windell Davidson have been owners and operators of Davidson's Gun and Grocery for the last thirty-five years. Citing the recession, rising overhead costs, and tighter restrictions on expiration dates, they will discontinue selling groceries. Lock and load, will that be paper or plastic? (Photo of generic location, for display purposes only.)

  Are you a USA citizen whose native language is Arabic, Balochi, Dari, Farsi, Hausa, Indi, Igbo, Mandarin, Pashto, Punjabi, Somali, Swahili, Turkish, or Urdu? If the answer is yes, the Federal government may have a well-paying career with your name on it. But your English still has to be impeccable, and the English for Heritage Language Speakers Program at Georgetown University can help with this, as well as other job-critical skills. Click on the program title to find out more.

  Missing something to round out a complete balanced breakfast? Fox News reports on a "breakfast beer" that is being marketed in New Zealand. As reported in the New Zealand Herald, this cherry-flavored wheat lager is “a beer the ladies can enjoy too ... if you're having a champagne breakfast but don't fancy champagne ...” Hmmm. Cherry. Wheat. That's two of the four basic food groups right there.

And that's all the news that fits, for now.

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