Friday, April 08, 2011

FAMW: Let the Rebecca Black Impersonators Have At It!

This is the video of Stephen Colbert singing “Friday” with Jimmy Fallon one week ago. Due to a bunch of candy-@$$ lawyers and their copyright restrictions, this video is reverse-view, so hold up a little mirror and watch "through a glass darkly" if it bothers you that much. You also have to skip to 0:40 to watch the video because YouTube only analyzes the first 40 seconds of the video for copyright purposes (as if they'll never catch on to this at some point).

Notice also the cameo appearance by The Roots, American Idol sensation Taylor Hicks, a dance troupe whose name I didn't get, and some black guy who's pretending to drive a car. All this because Jimmy Fallon promised that if $26,000 was raised for some charity whose name I also didn't get, Stephen Colbert would sing the number in question on Fallon's show.

What the hell else did you expect for this week's Friday Afternoon Moment of Whimsy?

(Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal. Reproduced here without permission or shame.)

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