Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guitar Workshop: “I’m Yours” Reconsidered

For today, we have yet another departure from the guitar, to a similar instrument, for those of you who like to spread their wings, and their collection.

Lately this writer has been shopping around for an ukulele -- not one of those really cheap ones that music stores used to sell, the ones that really don't play at all, but the ones that music stores now sell, some of which play well, others of which play very well. It seems that, where the accordion was the "dark horse" choice of instrument for musical geeks the 1980s, the ukulele is playing that same role in the 2010s.

Those of you who remember yesterday's piece on Jason Mraz' "I'm Yours" will remember our including a clip from the original version, played on the ukulele. I looked at dozens of tutorials, and they ranged from fair-to-middlin' to just-plain-awful. Those who weren't still on the learning curve themselves obviously never saw themselves on video, or they'd put bags over their heads to preserve their family's honor. But we did find one that simply shows the fingering for the "fiddly bits" which are best viewed in full screen mode:

2 - 4 2
2 - 4 2

2 - 4 1
2 - 4 2

2 - 4

3 3 - 4

... then the four-chord progression ...

4 3 2 2

3 1 2 1

1 3 4 2

4 4 0 2

... and a fifth chord for the climactic pause break at certain climactic places in the song.

1 1 1 2

With respect to the second video clip, it is probably better to learn the chord progression first, so that the sliding parts will make more sense. So, study the second clip, play along with the first clip, and for your next gig, have at it.

UPDATE: We would like to welcome the readers of The #ukulele Daily. We usually cover lots of other stuff. Sometimes we cover this stuff. And so it goes ....

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