Thursday, April 07, 2011


As this is written, that shanty-Irish son of a b!†©# who still managed to get re-elected as my Congressman, Jim Moran, is holding an "emergency" town hall meeting nearby, to discuss how the increasingly likely government "shutdown" is going to affect our area. Everyone in his district is invited to attend, if they can find any seats leftover from the union lackeys bussed in from out of state to stack the place.

It's not just Federal workers like yours truly who are affected by all this; it's government contractors, merchants and restaurants, especially those where Federal buildings are concentrated, not to mention everybody converging on the city this weekend to watch the cherry blossoms come into bloom, and who won't be able to visit any of the monuments, or any facilities run by the National Park Service.

We'll be providing more on the lowdown tomorrow. That's when everybody at my agency finds out who is "essential" and would have to come to work anyway. But you can just read the continuous Twitter-feed, and find out from all the would-be pundits for yourself:!/search/#ifgovernmentshutsdown

This all assumes that Congress and the President don't reach an agreement by the end of tomorrow night. Apparently they're hung up over whether we should have to subsidize Planned Parenthood. That's what all this comes down to, people -- free abortions for everybody. Watch the video; this is not about women's health.

It's a wonder this nation is still standing. God have mercy on America.

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Denise said...

My husband is active duty military. He will be reporting for duty, with or without a pay check. My oldest son is military and deployed to Afghanistan. He will be reporting for duty as well. President Obama and the Democratic leaders of Congress refuse to support our military and will shut down the government to make sure that the most dangerous place for a child in Washington DC is in his mother's womb.