Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Manila Calling

After a flight from Dulles to Seoul, and a four-hour layover before heading to Manila (nearly 24 hours), our little jet-setting Sal has arrived. For once, she forsook her prerequisite foot spa for wining and dining with Chinese, then off with her three girls to a slumber party. (I wasn't invited. Of all the nerve ...) We spoke briefly on Skype. Our little Pinay Princess is in high spirits, despite being very tired. Here are the four of them together, staying up way past their bedtime. You guys already met the youngest one.

We're gonna reconvence on Skype tonight. Manila Time is exactly twelve hours ahead of Eastern USA Daylight Time, so it's not hard to compute for most of the year. I hope I'm up to writing stuff that actually matters. Meanwhile, my BP is up again, so I came home for a nap.

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