Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What Women (Don’t) Want

If you are to believe such drivel, Gay Hendricks, Arjuna Ardagh and a group of alleged "conscious men" from around the world grovel their apologies for what they call "thousands of years of imbalance between masculine and feminine energy, as well as vision of a new era of co-creation."

(Hang on, this gets better.)

Since it has been released, the embedding for the video has been disabled. The "men" who produced it announced on YouTube that ...

We have received thousands of comments, and many of them are highly abusive or offensive. We are happy to welcome all points of view, but not expressions of violence or hatred.

... which is New Age-speak for "You obviously see right through us for the over-educated weasels that we are, yet we lack the testicular fortitude to admit it, ergo this recourse to our typical passive-aggression."

Oh, snap!

As a younger man, I dated women from all over the world, women of many races and creeds. I was even married to a woman once. (Don't ask.) If there's one thing I can tell you -- JUST one -- that they all have in common (with one exception, see below), it is that they would agree with another woman named Lori Ziganto, who says that ...

If I ever – EVER – saw any alleged man doing or saying the things in this video, I’d call him Josephine then teach him how to stop being a little b!†©# ...

... as would about ninety-nine percent of the female population, including the ones who insist they have a right to be in combat with men to further their military careers, and still want first crack at the lifeboats when the ship is going down. An entire generation of women have been taught that they can have it both ways. They eventually discovered, that having it both ways means having it all. Some of them learn the hard way, that having it all is a lot of work. At some point, biology kicks in, and a woman discovers that her husband, no matter how much she wishes it were otherwise, is never going to be the one to get pregnant, and the natural division of labor sorts itself out from there. Fortunately, a new generation of women (or at least some of them) know better. The species may yet survive its recent collective errors.

If any woman says that the weenies in the video are what she wants in a man, she is either lying to the man in her life, or to herself (either being the aforementioned exception, see above). If the former, the man needs to run, not walk, from that dangerous excuse for a woman, while there is still time. If the latter, the woman will eventually emasculate the man, and then resent him for her success at so doing. That man should run even sooner, and obviously much faster.

Our sexuality is not just a biological construct, but an ontological one, something that no amount of artificial surgery will change, something ironically glossed over in all that yin/yang schtick you hear in the video.

Does this mean women should never go to college, have a career, or stand up to their husbands now and then? No, it means just what the hell I said it meant, that you cannot have it all.

It is also more than that. Men do not have to be brutes, and women do not have to be doormats. The history of Christendom is one of conveying this message, and that of God's plan for each to live in harmony, one with another. The instruction of Saint Paul to the Ephesians that husbands “love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her” (5:25) not only tells men what to do, but how. It is an obligation that is not imposed on the woman, but is a call to submission on the part of the man, and on its own terms. Catholics do not have to look to some fabricated "eastern" religion for this; it lives in their own back yard. If most converts in the early Church were women, that would have been a reliable indicator, don't you think?

Or don't you?

FOOTNOTE 1: Dom Bettinelli has some words of wisdom to impart on the subject as well, which we last shared with our captive audience this past August. Read it and weep, girls!

FOOTNOTE 2: The original alpha male responds. H/T to JCElephant.



priest's wife said...

I watched the video AAAAAAAHHHHHHH get it out of my head!!!

re: St Paul and loving wives- if men do that- then all will be well

Jacqueline Y. said...

I watched about 50 percent of the video, which was all I could take. Life is too short.

Like all heresies, the manifesto contains grains of truth. The problem is, pantheism is poison.