Monday, May 23, 2011

Learning Your ABC’s

In today's Washington Examiner, columnist Harvey Mackey writes a piece on “The ABC’s of Negotiating.” It was worth reproducing for our viewing audience.

A is for authority.
B is for beware the naked man who offers you his shirt.
C is for contracts.
D is for dream.
E is for experience.
F is for facts.
G is for guts.
H is for honesty.
I is for information.
J is for judgment.
K is for know about no.
L is for leaks.
M is for maybe.
N is for never say no for the other person.
O is for options.
P is for positioning.
Q is for questions.
R is for reality check.
S is for smile.
T is for timing.
U is for ultimatum.
V is for visualization.
W is for win-win.
X is for (e)xit strategy.
Y is for yield.
Z is for zero.

Some of these leave something to the imagination as rendered here, which means you have to read them there.

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