Monday, May 09, 2011

Mikey Bustos: Filipino Mythical Creatures Tutorial

Every culture from time immemorial is endowed with a mythology. It serves a purpose that transcends the history of a people; whether the result of collective imagination over generations, or a mere embellishment of actual events (General Washington standing in a rowboat? Not likely. Good theater? Definitely.)

When he was but a wee lad, Paul would hear stories of ancestors long past, significant events in their lives, related to him as though they happened yesterday.

Filipino folklore is so rich in its variety of mythical beings and entities, stories of which, many strange and eerie, have been passed down through countless generations. (And here I thought a "moomoo" was a shapeless form of house dress.) This video explores some of the creatures and entities that our friend Mr Bustos learned about growing up.

EXIT QUESTION: Isn't Lemuria where lemurs come from, or was it always Madagascar?

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