Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mikey Bustos: Filipino Traveller Tutorial

Sal is still trying to get a flight out of the Philippines. She will occasionally grace me with a call from Skype, while continually I send her pasalubong in the form of digital photos from her rose garden in progress. It won't be until after the first of next month that she returns, such is the extent of the delay. Naturally, I'm not happy about it. But, for the rest of you, it's another excuse to share the latest from our Pinoy Boy Mikey Bustos.

There is a national folk dance known as the “tinikling,” which involves dancing between two bamboo poles that are struck together at every third beat. There is a bird native to the marshlands, for which the movements of the dance are said to get their name. I'm trying to imagine what creature inspired greeting each other at a distance, by pointing with their lips (which is how Sal and I first met, by the way). In any case, Filipinos are a very imitative people, which may be how they are able to adapt to whatever country in the diaspora in which they find themselves.

The rest of this I leave to Mikey. (Dude, there is no way Filipinos are ever going to take over the world. They can barely run their own country, never mind everyone else's. Why do you think your parents left for Canada in the first place -- for the weather???) As for Sal, she should really reconsider Korean Airways as her carrier of choice.

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