Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Obligatory Vatican Blognic Post

Yesterday, the Pontifical Council for Social Communications hosted a meeting of 150 Catholic weblog authors ("bloggers") from around the world, to address the issue of apologetics and evangelization through the "new media." Obviously, I was not on that list, but 750 authors requested to be on it. Some were chosen by the Council, some were chosen by lottery.

I had planned on doing a comprehensive review of the English-speaking authors on the list -- a summary, the pros, the cons, the upshot. But while some of them were a fair representation of the medium, others were not so much, and one of them in particular was an outright embarrassment. The latter was to such an extent, that I did not believe I could speak the truth in charity. I did not believe I was capable of making a case to anyone open to persuasion, and I also risked raising the ire of this author's very dedicated (albeit pedestrian) fan base. So, after taking the matter under advisement with a few other bloggers of my acquaintance, I declined.

Something good will come out of the Vatican meeting, perhaps a means of organizing Catholic bloggers toward a common endeavor. But there were no illusions on the part of the Pontifical Council that those invited were necessarily "the best and the brightest." We'll see if the Chosen Ones keep that in mind.

And remember, that what happened to THIS guy (and what yours truly had to say at the time), can happen to anyone with delusions of grandeur.

There but for the grace of God ...

UPDATE: As folks return and make their reflections available, we will comb the Catholic blogosphere to review various insights, and possibly if we're in the mood offer insights. Stay tuned.


Jay Anderson said...

Now you have me intrigued about what you were planning to write about and decided against.


Gail F said...

I imagine that delusions of grandeur are a common fault among those of us who feel the need to comment on everything that happens, due to our self-appointed status as pundits on all things Catholic. (Not me, of course, I am always right.) We bloggers should probably all seek spiritual direction and certainly pray for guidance and humility. It is so easy for smart people to assume they are right about everything, all the time.

And as for particular bloggers -- well, I never expected the Vatican invitation to be an endorsement of all of them. I am glad the Vatican folks paid attention to bloggers at all. I hope it is the first of many gatherings. If the Church is full of sinners, surely the blog meeting will be too.

David L Alexander said...

Gail F:

It is even harder when you are surrounded by enough people who approve of you. The example I cited at the end of my piece was one of three or four bloggers mentioned by name in a book published about the "new evangelization." They had also announced their two millionth visitor in three years. At the height of critical acclaim ...