Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Voris and the Vatican: Looking Back at a Blogfest

Archbishop Emeritus Daniel Pilarczyk of Cincinnati once said that there is no "us and them" in the Church, only "us." That can be taken any number of ways, usually the wrong one.

I'm posting this today, not just because Michael Voris said something important about the Vatican's recent bloggers' conference, but because Michael Voris said something original. (Sorry, Mike, that sounded worse than was really meant.) You can imagine, as many did in advance, that the "official" event was going to be overborne with what passes for "diplomacy" (which is why someone planned an "alternative" event before they got invited to the real one).

One of the gifts of this medium, is that you really don't have to be "nice" to win an audience, or tell people what they want to hear. “I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Brother would be set against brother, men would shake the dust off their feet as they left a town that would not accept the Truth. That was the Divine warning in Scripture, even as Christ gave us a peace that was not of this world.

Since we're not in the next world just yet, this one is the one with which we must contend. Michael gets a lot of grief, even from "conservative" bishops, for reminding us.

Keep it up, Michael.

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Dad29 said...


Crisis, maybe.

I tend to think that it's passed, with damage still showing.