Sunday, August 07, 2011

Comments: DA RULES!

Several days ago, I received a comment for one of my articles, which had nothing to do with the subject matter, but was a rather incoherent appeal to assist some poor person in Haiti. This individual neglected to provide information as to how assistance should be provided, not even in the form of a link. Their comment was rejected, and this piece is dedicated to why, as well as what I expect in the combox in the future.

I get very few comments on this blog. I get even fewer with the increased use of Facebook, which is a less cumbersome way to comment than a weblog comments box. Still, it seems fitting to lay down a few rules.

1) I do not suffer fools gladly, whether in the blogosphere, or in real life, I concede to a weakness in having no patience for them. If your post has nothing to do with the subject at hand, or is an obvious attempt (or even a veiled one) to promote some commercial enterprise or get-rich-quick scheme, YOU WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED.

2) I am the Magnificent Lord and High Master of the Universe that is this weblog. Those of you who comment are guests within my Exalted Realm. If you cannot act the part -- leave the sarcasm out of it; that's my job -- go start your own blog, and invite all the trolls to go there with ads for playing the ponies, cheap Viagra, et cetera.

3) The primary audience of this weblog is that of practicing Catholics. Our policy from the beginning, has been to be free of any moral or doctrinal error in matters of faith. In addition, it is here in this venue, that the Faith is referred to as that of "Our Holy Mother Church." That is why we refer to the Church as "She." You insult the Church's teachings, you insult Mama. Unless they want a boot up the arse, nobody insults Mama.

4) The goal of any argument is a mutual search for the Truth, as opposed to merely winning or being right. There are plenty of venues in the "Catholic blogosphere" for inane commentary and militant ignorance. This is not one of them. I am not a "professional Catholic" who has time to referee all that, even though I am as well-informed as most of them. (I know. I fool a lot of people.)

There now. I think that makes things pretty clear, although the above is subject to change, as it finds it way over to the blogroll (otherwise known as "The Usual Suspects"). Those who do not "get it" are obviously a waste of human skin, who must be tolerated on this earth until science finds a cure.

That does not mean we will tolerate them here.

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