Friday, August 19, 2011


Our daily videocast of Gloria.TV News has been inactive for about a month now. An e-mail sent to them early this week has not been answered. There is also reason to believe, in viewing the recent content of their website, that the daily videocast has been discontinued. Naturally, we here at mwbh are disappointed, and seriously hope that we are mistaken (which happens rarely), and we would look forward to the return of their usual service very soon.

Or at least an answer to our email.

Meanwhile, we'll be using this as an opportunity for trial runs of other sources. Our ideal is a video with an embed code for dynamic content; that is, content that changes every day, or week, or whenever the latest one shows up; prefereably every day. We'll be contacting a few of the sources to see how that can be arranged. Until then, we dedicate this 1965 lip-synched version of our title song by The Shadows of Knight to Doina Buzut and the rest of the Gloria.TV staff (even though there is no embed code for it, so it can be found here).

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