Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jon Stewart and the Unknown Candidate

Ron Paul finished a very, VERY close second in the Iowa straw poll, among Republican candidates for President. You would never known this from the media coverage he gets ... or should we say, doesn't get? For all the complaints from conservatives about people like Jon Stewart, he really does have a way of pointing out the absurdity of the obvious. There are too many "zingers" to point out in this four-and-a-half minute clip. You'll have to see them for yourselves.

Why is the media ignoring Ron Paul? No, the answer is not because he's "really conservative," any more than it's because he's "the 13th floor in the hotel." And no, it's not because he's an "antiwar Republican." If that were really an issue, the pundits would use that to play off against the other candidates, who would then take him to task for it.


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Anonymous said...

It's because Paul talks about things that the media doesn't want to talk about. These are the core issues for our country... Personal freedom and responsibility, sound monetary policy, non-interventionist military policy. These are the things our founding fathers coded into (I had thought) our DNA. But the state schools have taught it out of the last few generations of children.