Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I presently cannot sign into my own blog without rolling into some innocuous "placeholder" site.

Obviously I have been hacked. Attempts to change the password have proven futile. Until this is resolved (and I will let you know when that is), I cannot be responsible for subsequent content. Stay tuned ...

UPDATE 1: So far it has been determined that it happens at work -- hey, they give us lunch breaks, okay? -- and on my smartphone, but not at home. If you are not getting "" and a couple of you let me know that all is well. Until then ... well, so what if I like the Van Halen version better!?!

UPDATE 2: Well, now it happens regardless of where I am. The office, my house, the public library. And my number of visitors is down. I've sent a message to, who might respond sometime this year with a link to daily messages that tell me everything but what I really want to know. This may call for drastic action. Individual posts can still be accessed, but NOT THE MAIN PAGE. That's not acceptable. Once again, stay tuned ...

1 comment:

editor said...

David...I'll be praying for you. I had problems all last week. What a nightmare.
+ Caroline