Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Art-For-Art’s-Sake Theatre: Moxy Früvous Revisited

Time once again for our usual midday Wednesday feature.

Four young street musicians from Toronto were together known as Moxy Früvous. From their formation in 1989, they recorded and toured almost continuously for more than a decade, before parting ways in 2000. But in that time, this folk-pop quartet gathered a small yet dedicated following known as “Früheads.” Their schtick was not unlike another Canadian band, Barenaked Ladies -- a stage show punctuated by witty reparteé between selections, and a special appeal to the "recovering geek" in all of us. (Okay, some of us.)

My son Paul used to accompany me to the concerts. He was even worked into the act more than once, which was the origin of “Virtual Boy” as his stage name. The first time was in July of 1998. Some guy named “Mike” tells the story at the band's website, recently resurrected for posterity. There was another appearance we attended as well, in August of 1999.

The band appeared on CBS Sunday Morning in August of 2000, by which time they were already edging towards their separate ways. The last time Paul and I saw them was at the 9:30 Club. When the band would not come out for an encore, about forty of us gathered in a circle and sang "The Drinking Song" in their stead.

We miss them to this day, as do the Früheads.

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