Friday, January 20, 2012

FNBW: Obligatory “Obama Does Al Green” Moment

We thought this week rated a Friday Night Bonus Whimsy. It has been the kind of news cycle that can rate one.

By now you've heard about this, but you didn't believe it, did you? The guy's not that bad a singer, actually. And it gets better. Among the velvety tones he has attempted to emulate, they include Aretha Franklin, and Dionne Warwick. But if that's not enough to dissuade you from Mitt Romney, wait until you hear him sing happy birthday to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. In a completely unrelated story, Chuck Norris has just endorsed ... Newt Gingrich. Fact is stranger than truth.

Either that or he'd just heard Mitt sing.

Soooo ... strap yourselves in for the Year of the Apocalypse, folks, it's gonna be a long one!

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