Monday, January 09, 2012

Memo to Detroit: Get REAL!

We here at mwbh have been waiting for Michael Voris and RealCatholicTV (RCTV) to respond to an (ostensibly) official statement from the Archdiocese of Detroit, where Voris and his production are domiciled, that he is not sanctioned by the local church (that is, the Archdiocese) to use the name "Catholic" to identify his apostolate, as would be required in the Code of Canon Law. In what has become a question of jurisdiction, Voris has recently pointed out that the operation itself is actually based in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana, the domicile of the owner-financier of RCTV, Mark Brummer. As reported in

Fr. Mark Gurtner, Judicial Vicar of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend in Indiana spoke with LifeSiteNews ... as a canon lawyer and not an official of the diocese, [and] believes the jurisdiction of the case resides with the Indiana diocese. “It certainly seems to me that canonically Michael Voris would not be the one that this would be imposed on ... [i]t seems like if the Archdiocese of Detroit is trying to go after (Voris), that’s the wrong person to address this with, that would have to be with the owner of the website or blog ...”

In this video, Voris, as President of RCTV (which is not the same as being owner) provides the official response of that apostolate.

It should also be noted that earlier reports show that Voris and RCTV have attempted to communicate with the Archdiocese on this matter, but that the latter has been unresponsive to them directly. In the opinion of this writer, such would lend credence to the idea (but not necessarily proof) that certain minions within the chancery have gone rogue, and that the Archbishop himself is unable to come out from hiding underneath his desk long enough to take control of the matter.

Notice how Voris wears a tie for the occasion. This means war.

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