Thursday, January 12, 2012

No Gold Watch?

Six years ago, when I was eligible for my 25-year pin, some clown from our admin section who didn't know me from Adam was telling everybody I wasn't eligible. I managed to go over his head (not much of a challenge in this case), and got it straightened out. In the year or more that followed, I was awarded two more of them. Three 25-year pins! Then there was a rumor that they were going to discontinue the pins altogether. That's when I took drastic measures and found one on eBay. It didn't look like the ones I was used to, but it was gold-colored, and pretty snazzy.

The communications office had an "all-hands" meeting today, at which time they gave me an official thirty-year pin. It is also gold-colored (unlike the silver ones from previous milestones), and looks like the one in the illustration here. Still not as snazzy as my "unofficial" pin, but now I don't have to change pins from one suit to another.

Whatever makes life easier, I always say.

(NOTE: Due to scheduling challenges, our latest installment of "Guitar Workshop" will appear later today, which is later than usual. Really.)

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