Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Thoughts on the March for Life

This was the scene at the Hyatt Regency in DC this past Saturday. A group of pro-choice activists, calling themselves "Occupy Anti-Choice" interrupted the event (at about 00:30) and prattled on for several minutes on how most of the people in the room would impose their morality on everybody else. Given the opportunity by those at the podium to present themselves at the stand in a civil manner, they appeared incapable. So the hotel security took their damn time about it and escorted the protesters from the room.

Do they know what they are up against? This is a time lapse from last year's march, produced by Air Maria. An hour and thirty-one minutes was reduced to roughly one minute (with St Michael's Parish of Annandale, Virginia, showing up at 0:37), to reveal not hundreds, not thousands, but tens of thousands or more. The mainstream media will try to play it down, as they usually do, but the March for Life remains the largest such annual event in the Nation's capital.

Most people never come face to face with the central argument over abortion. Once you establish that it is indeed a human life, then taking that life amounts to taking a human life, choice or no choice. If you justfy abortion, you justify taking a human life, the circumstances notwithstanding. And as this final video shows, minds can be changed without resorting to the unreasonable. Someday, we as a people will do the same, or avoid doing so to our own peril.

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