Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Six Dirty Secrets of Presidential Politics in 2012

Yeah, sure, I'm just linking to an article, with little else to add other than that it proves I was right about something all along, so why not just steal the title as well -- in this case, of a piece in The American Thinker, which included in its short list, this particular gem:

It is quite clear that the country is basically split politically into thirds. One third is known in overly polite circles as "independent" or "casual" voters. In truth, these are people who don't pay attention and don't really care about current events. Unfortunately, because the other two thirds of "partisans" tend to balance each other out, it is these voters (yes, regrettably, they do indeed vote) who usually decide the winner in presidential elections.

Because the media has by far the greatest influence over this group (because they get their political "news" almost entirely from headlines, comedians, and friends), they went for ...

You know the rest. The point here, at least in this item, is that the nation is not split down the middle, but into two-thirds who actually do any thinking at all (right- or wrong-headed, depending on who you ask), and one-third for which ignorance is bliss.

Some of you won't like the rest of the list, but it may prove to be true.