Monday, January 09, 2012

Winning One for the Mittster?

Before Sal could become an American citizen, she had to take a test, one which most adults born and raised in America would fail (but of course, not yours truly, but anyway ...). This included much of what the Constitution actually says about how the Federal government is structured, and what it generally can and cannot do.

Among those who wouldn't be able to make the grade is Mister Lowest Common Denominator himself. Watch this clip of the former Governor of a state having to turn to someone who was never a Governor of a state, to find out what rights a state may or may not have. (No, I don't think he's entirely joking.) It's one of those scenarios that the boys in the Smoke Filled Room that is the GOP establishment didn't count on.

Exit question: Who still thinks Ron Paul is the crazy one?

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