Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WWW: Wednesday Without Wikipedia

Today, from midnight to midnight, Eastern Standard (USA) Time (or 5:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time), the English-language edition of Wikipedia is temporarily shut down, in protest of proposed legislation to fix something that is neither broken nor over-regulated -- in other words, the Internet. To learn more about the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), click here for the main page. Or, for that matter, here.

Google will post an anti-SOPA notice on its home page. It should be noted that President Obama has threatened to veto SOPA, which is small comfort to those certain that similar measures will rear their ugly heads in the future. Meanwhile, here at mwbh, we will take the opportunity this day, one for which items had already been prepared, to go dark as well, save but for this notice, and whatever remains in the sidebar. This we do in solidarity with one of our favorite sources for research.

And then we'll come back.

UPDATE: Support for the bill, and its evil twin, the Protect Act (PIPA), is fading by the hour today, as Talking Points Memo reports. We may be back in action before the day is out, if only to celebrate our victory dance. Developing ...

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