Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guitar Workshop: Open Tunings with Orville Johnson

We here at mwbh have been in love with Acoustic Guitar magazine, ever since the first issue came out in 1990. Yours truly can still remember putting certain back issues aside for vacations, continuing to explore new tunes and training exercises. In recent years, their website has been a gold mine of information and instruction. Here we have contributing editor Orville Johnson of Seattle, as he gives us a nineteen-and-a-half minute “Open Tunings Lesson” with the two most common tunings, Open-G and (beginning at 11:49) Open-D. Click on the aforementioned title to go to the page itself, featuring both the video, and the tablature exercises (like the one below, ready for the clicking).

When you're performing, changing tunings can be a pain, which is why most guitarists who perform with open tunings have more than one guitar handy, each pre-tuned for the occasion.

Just sayin'.

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