Monday, April 16, 2012

“I read the news today, oh boy ...”

Time once again for (reviving) our (once upon a time) usual Monday morning feature. And while we're waiting for Uncle Jay to explain the news, or his absence, we will press on with our pals at Pajamas Media, giving us their review of the news blogosphere in the past week. As to this day of the week, it was a busy one. Better late than never.

Let's get started:

A woman at Denver International Airport was told to put out her cigarette while going through security. Inasmuch as such a request might be easily misconstrued, she proceeded to strip naked, which was probably more than the Patriot Act had in mind. She will reportedly not be facing charges. Obviously they'd seen enough. (

Meanwhile, already in the friendly skies was an Air Canada pilot who had been at the wheel a little too long, and mistook the planet Venus for another plane, and proceeded to steer clear of it. Close call, eh? (Reuters)

A woman in Portage, Wisconsin, won a seat on the city council with only two votes. There were no other candidates for that seat, so she wrote in her own name, and got her husband to do that same. The other eleven write-ins only got one vote. Obviously the most aggressive campaigner won. (Associated Press)

We just had to get a shot of this one. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was seen dancing the night away at a nightclub in Carthagena, Columbia, last Saturday night, looking quite stunning in the black evening pant suit set off by the equally impressive sparkly necklace that she wore to the state dinner earlier that evening. Doesn't look like she brought a date. Maybe he was, uh, busy. (Agence France-Presse)

Finally, we will end this edition of IRTNTOB, by mentioning not only that today is the 85th birthday of Pope Benedict XVI, but the feast of Saint Benedict Joseph Labre, and (according to Father Z) National Eggs Benedict Day. To our Holy Father we just wanna say ... ad multos annos!

Well, that's all the news that fits.

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