Sunday, September 09, 2012

Joe Biden Visits ... Milford, Ohio?

Oh yes, he did. The Man of the Golden Gaffes breezed through the southern part of the Buckeye State today, but not without stopping to speak at the local high school of the town of just over six thousand people where I grew up. I know people were pretty excited about it. And yet, as I heard the news, I couldn't help but wonder whether the Secret Service would do anything, however much a part of their routine, to dampen the excitement. This video clip (the only one I could find as this is published) shows the Vice President making up things for about fifty-five seconds.

(Hey, Joe, you really think those other guys don't have a plan? Your boy couldn't get a budget passed in three years, even when the majority in both houses of Congress were your own. Didn't happen to mention that, did we, champ?)

It certainly didn't dampen anything in another town to the east of there, namely Seaman, Ohio, a town of just over one thousand in Adams County, which is borderline Amish country if you've never heard of it. The "plain folks" managed to stay out of the way for this one, but not some of the local bikers, who had to sit and watch while one of their "ladies" sat on the Vice President's lap. Don't they look cozy? It's just as well that the Secret Service was there. Joe got out alive so he could visit Milford.

Sometimes things really do work out for the best.

(Hey, kids, this one's got a sequel. Click HERE for the story behind the story.)


Micha Elyi said...

There's a lot of teasing of Biden about the biker gal and the odd looks the men are giving him. Fair enough. It's all in fun. But look again. The woman is sitting on a chair that has been backed up against the bench seat on which Biden is seated. She's not "on the Vice President's lap" - at least not in the photo shown.

David L Alexander said...

The claim was based on the testimony of the AP photographer who was there. It's possible she eventually got her own seat. But it doesn't matter. He used extremely poor judgment. I'm from that part of the country. In the 1960s, we had two MC gangs in Milford alone, plus a notorious high school "fraternity," as they called themselves. Biden would lost most of his teeth for less than what he's doing in that photo.