Saturday, September 22, 2012

That Was The (Big-@$$) Week That Was

Today was a busy day, not only with administrative matters on the day job (this being near the fiscal year end), but with research for at least three works, on the order of our recent and highly successful one, “The Latin Mass: Why You Can’t Have It” all scheduled for the next three weeks. As you can see from this chart of our most popular week here at man with black hat (with today's count as of early this evening eastern USA time), we barely dipped below two hundred on any given day. Even the lower counts are nearly double the typical day in this corner of the Catholic blogosphere.

Where do we go from here?

This writer and his associates have been discussing, not only future topics for publication, but how to promote this work effectively. The Catholic Blog Directory, first established by the late Gerard Serafin and continued by one only known as "Andrea," lists nearly 2700 weblogs in the English-speaking world as of the 21st of this month. There are many voices to be heard. How is it that one is heard above the cacophony of sheer numbers?

Yours truly never was one for cheap gimmicks. If a clever title is what you look for in such a medium as a weblog, this venue is not for you. If you are only interested in the same steady diet of "politics and religion" as every other "Catholic blogger," this venue is not for you either. We obviously deal with both here, but we also like to think of this as "a blog for people who don't read blogs."

To wit, we refer you to our “Raison D’Etre” at the top of the blue sidebar. To be a Catholic is to believe in life, and in living that life to the fullest, according to the will of our Father in heaven, and our Mother Church on earth. One must see the presence of His Son (and Her Bridegroom) in all things, as Truth can be found in the beauty of all things, so as to gaze upon beauty, and fall in love with the Truth.

To wit, our lengthy-yet-revealing tagline still defines our mission.

“The daily musings ...”

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Caroline said...

David, I really enjoy your blog mainly for all the reasons you stated.

I don't write for visitors either, but it's nice when they show up. : )

I look forward to your upcoming posts ...