Wednesday, September 12, 2012

“To everything, turn, turn, turn ...”

We have never met in person, but on occasion, we correspond as though we know each other. Sort of. (I could be exaggerating, just a little.)

Relapsed Catholic (now Five Feet of Fury) was the first "weblog" I ever read, and its author, Toronto writer and syndicated columnist Kathy Shaidle, deserves the credit (or the blame, depending on who you ask) for the existence of this one. She may also have inspired many others, since, after all ...

This year marks my 12th “blogversary.”

That’s right: Before Instapundit, before LittleGreenFootballs, even before PJMedia — I AM.

She certainly is.

Shaidle goes on to highlight the "three turning points in the history of blogging." That's right, there's a history of it now. You'll want to know those turning points (the second of which was a catalyst for yours truly), and watch the fascinating interview from CES 2011 at the end.

So click on the damn quote already.

(UPDATE: In an online column for CBC News, Shaidle also explains her life as a "mediocre Catholic." You have to appreciate both her honesty and her humility. I daresay she may be closer to the kingdom of Heaven than even she suspects.)

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