Monday, August 19, 2013

“I read the news today, oh boy ...” (Saint John Eudes Edition)

In this clip, actor Ashton Kutchner accepts this year's Teen Choice Award, and shares “things I learned when I was Chris.” The result is actually worth the four and a half minutes that it takes to sit through it. Even the stars of Hollywood start at the bottom.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on planet Earth:

Remember the "miracle priest" that showed up at a plane crash in Missouri, gave somebody the Last Rites, and disappeared? Well, in case you don't venture around the Catholic blogosphere much (which is not all it's cracked up to be, so, you know ...), here he is. (The Blaze)

Speaking of miracles, has the Messiah returned? Not if a judge in Tennessee has anything to say about it. And the mother's name isn't Mary, so we all knew how this would turn out, didn't we? (WBIR-TV)

The conventions of how those of certain demographic groups are politely addressed would appear to be subject to change, and not everybody outside of elite academic circles necessarily gets the memo, including those in the food service industry. (Chicks on the Right)

Speaking of saying the right thing, those of you planning on international travel had best learn how to answer the phone in other countries, or even more people will end up being offended. (Aren't we all just a little touchy of late?) (Gizmodo)

Finally, if you wonder whether the educational system in America has improved, consider the requirements of an examination in the eighth grade only a century ago. (Huffington Post)

And that's all the news that fits. As the week goes on, stay tuned, and stay in touch.

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