Friday, July 18, 2003

Still Running Scared

Whenever a bishop is in procession, the crucifer (that is, the acolyte assigned to carry the processional cross) turns the cross so that the image of Christ faces the bishop. This is to remind the prelate of how his first predecessors -- the twelve apostles -- all deserted Our Lord as He was led to Calvary.

They've been running scared ever since, as this story in Newsday illustrates:

"Bishop Thomas Daily presides over the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, a job with perks — a staff, first-class travel and the use of a mansion. Yet lawyers for Daily claim he is not paid as an officer or director of the diocese and, therefore, can't be sued....the latest tack in a lawsuit by the former principal of St. Elizabeth School in Ozone Park. Principal Barbara Samide last year accused the parish's then-pastor, the Rev. John Thompson, of sexually abusing her. Her $5-million lawsuit also names the diocese, Daily and several of his deputies....In claiming Daily can't be sued, the diocese is relying on a state law designed to protect unpaid officers of non-profit organizations from legal action....Hart appeared to agree. 'I think it is disingenuous for the Diocese of Brooklyn to play what I view as a shell game,' he said in last month's hearing. 'Corporate hats. No paperwork. We are not responsible for this, even though we run the show. We are not responsible for that, even though we as the hierarchy of the church run that. When they get sued, well, we are not getting paid for this. We are not getting paid for that.'"

Bishop Daily is also Supreme Chaplain for the Knights of Columbus. The plot thickens, don't it now?

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