Tuesday, November 30, 2004

We can't close out November...

...without talking about one of my favorite saints. Saint Andrew.

It was my great-great-grandfather, Andre (Andrew) Alexandre, who came to America from France. My father's middle name was Andrew, and St Andrew is the name of the parish in Ohio where I grew up -- a parish that, on this year's feast day, ended its sesquicentennial celebration with a solemn liturgy where my old friend Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk was the main celebrant.

In the Eastern Church, Andrew is known as "The FIrst-Called," because Jesus called him (Andrew) to follow Him (Jesus) before He (Jesus again) called anybody else. And it was Andrew who fetched his brother, Simon Peter, to join up. The rest, as they say, is history.

Andrew was martyred by being tied to an X-shaped cross. Not all crucifixions were alike, you know. This one was designed to prolong his suffering.

Andrew is the patron of Greece and of Scotland. There are many customs of food and what-not associated with this saint. They can be found here:


Now, back to work on my OWN website. Almost done (whew!).

(Stay tuned...)

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